Fitbit versa 2 review reddit

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But at the same time, it fell far short of other smartwatches on the market, with poor notification support and lack of productivity features. It is a better Versa and an excellent fitness tracker. The original Versa was one of the most comfortable smartwatches you could wear and the Versa 2 is just as pleasant on the wrist.

Fitbit Versa 2 review

The general design of the Versa 2 is the same as before, but Fitbit has simplified the interactions down from the previous multibutton setup to a single button on the left and the touchscreen.

I was able to view the screen with no problem in direct sunlight and through polarized sunglasses. The OLED panel also enables the new always-on display feature, which lets you always see the time or your workout progress.

fitbit versa 2 review reddit

Unfortunately, the display is still surrounded by a thick, chunky bezel, which has the effect of making it look even smaller than the postage-stamp size that it is. Like the Versa, the Versa 2 has excellent battery life; it easily hit the five-day mark for me in testing. If you use the always-on display feature, you can expect that figure to roughly drop by half. Fitbit has also added a microphone to the Versa 2, giving it some limited voice control abilities. This worked well in my tests, with quick and accurate transcriptions of my voice.

The microphone also comes into play with the new Alexa features. Long-press the side button and Alexa will open, from which you can ask it questions or tell it to do Alexa-related tasks like control smart home gadgets, set timers, or show you the weather.

Nor can you activate Alexa with a voice command — the only way to launch Alexa is to long-press the side button or tap the icon in the quick settings panel, which turns using Alexa into a slow, two-handed process. The watch carries over all of the fitness features from the first Versa, including intelligent workout detection, always-on heart rate monitoring, and sleep-tracking features.

fitbit versa 2 review reddit

You can initiate the Sleep Mode from the quick settings screen on the watch or through the smartphone app, where you can also set it to turn on and off automatically based on a schedule.

Watchfaces are a particular sore point.With the Versa 2, Fitbit proves that less is more.

The Truth About The Fitbit Versa 2 in 2020 - Versa 2 Review

The fitness brand has taken everything that made the original a compelling budget smartwatch, improves on those features, adds a somewhat fiddly voice assistant, and spits out a near-perfect fitness tracker that comes with some smartwatch perks.

While health and activity tracking takes center stage, the Versa 2 bridges the gap between phone and wrist by offering message and calendar notifications, ways to control your smart home setup and play music from your phone while on a run or workout session. Fitbit has continued to update the Versa 2 with new features ever since its launch in New features like the Smart Alarm and additional always-on watch faces didn't seem enough for the company, so the latest update brings an oxygen level monitor that monitors blood oxygen levels while you sleep.

Fitbit announced the Versa 2 on August 28 ahead of IFAwhere the company showed the device off to the public for the first time. The Versa 2 is available to buy now, and you can pick it up from Fitbit's website or from major retailers either in-store or online. Those treating themselves to the Special Edition Versa 2 will, however, get a day free trial of Fitbit Premium more on this feature later.

At first glance, the new fitness watch does look strikingly similar to its predecessor, but closer inspection reveals a few small tweaks giving the Versa 2 a very stylish look indeed. With a depth of 0. And, with a screen size of 40mm, it should fit most wrists. Thankfully Fitbit has removed its branding from the bottom bezel of the Versa, meaning the bezels on the Versa 2 are slightly thinner, giving you a tad more screen real estate than before.

Another important feature Fitbit has added to the Versa 2 is an always-on option. At launch, there were no customization options for the always-on watch face and, until now, was limited to a single default analog or digital option. However, a new firmware update has now added plenty of third-party always-on faces, some of which can be customized.

fitbit versa 2 review reddit

They're available on the companion app, although most of them are paid options, with only a few free watch faces available. If you prefer using the always-on display — after all, it's nice to be able to see the watch face without having to move your arm — you'll find that it cuts the battery life to about half.

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Home Reviews Wearables. Our Verdict With the Versa 2, Fitbit proves that less is more.

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For Improved lightweight design Always-on display option Good battery life. Introduction, price and design Interface, Alexa and fitness features Verdict and competition.Read on for more details! The smartwatch landscape is growing more health-focused every year.

ECG monitors and pulse oximeters are becoming more commonplace inand Fitbit is attempting to keep up with the crowd with its new smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense. Read our full Fitbit Sense review to learn more. The Fitbit Sense is a major hardware upgrade over the Fitbit Versa 2. The stainless steel and aluminum case looks about the same as the Versa 2, but it feels significantly more well-built.

Think Apple Watch-level build quality. It has a 1. It gets plenty bright outdoors in direct sunlight and has good viewing angles. It now acts as a home button, not a back button.

Fitbit Versa 2 review: A good, but unreliable fitness watch

This one can be unresponsive at times. It instead includes an Apple Watch-like buckle. The strap itself is very nice. Also, Fitbit finally fixed its horrible proprietary strap mechanism. Once the straps are locked into place, they do wiggle around a bit. Fitbit claims the Sense can last up to six days on a single charge in smartwatch mode i. You can also turn on the always-on display, though battery life will be reduced to roughly two days.

Another small-yet-notable upgrade: the Fitbit Sense has a new charger! Fitbit is positioning the Sense as its most health-focused wearable to date, second only to the Fitbit Versa 3.

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When you make a purchase, we receive revenue. You can pick from the mist grey or copper rose housing. During that time, I was reminded just how much I miss sleep tracking and how annoying it is to charge a watch every night. The Versa 2 looks and feels refined when compared to the original Versa. The larger display on the Versa 2 comes complete with larger text, buttons and app icons. The Versa 2 has one button on the left side, ditching the three-button setup of the original Versa.

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Each of the three buttons on the original could be used as shortcuts to launch apps or open settings. On the back of the Versa 2 is the heart rate sensor and four contact points for the charging cradle. The housing is water-resistant up to 50 meters, so you can wear it in the shower or while swimming. Previously, it was only included in the special edition version of the Versa.

The Versa 2 runs Fitbit OS 4. Big-name apps from United, Spotify, Pandora and Walgreens are here. The Spotify app lets premium subscribers control playback on a connected device, add songs to their account, and scroll through their Spotify music library. All of the staple Fitbit features are included in the Versa 2.

Is Upgrading to the Fitbit Versa 2 Worth It?

It counts your steps, logs exercise minutes, records your heart rate, and monitors your sleep. You can view your real-time stats on the watch or open the Fitbit app on your phone.

Navigating the watch is primarily done through taps and swipes on the display. A swipe to the left will display the app drawer. You can customize what categories — up to 7 — are shown in the Today view if you want, for example, to monitor your water or food intake. A swipe down on the screen shows notifications received from your paired smartphone. Tap on an app to launch it, swipe through the various screens, press the button to go back.

However, there is one area where on-screen gestures can use some refinement. Shortly after swiping down to view your notifications, another panel slides down from the top of the screen.

The panel includes shortcuts to music controls, Fitbit Pay or Alexa, and access to quick settings. I understand having to teach users how to access the extra settings by auto-revealing the panel, but that only needs to happen once, maybe twice. After that, leave the panel hidden and let the user swipe down on the screen to view it.

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As someone who uses an Apple Watch for the majority of the year, not having to worry about the nightly charging of my watch still feels weird to say that was welcomed. Also welcome was the ability to track my sleep. On a point scale, scores over 90 are excellent, are good, are fair, and anything less than that is poor.

Over time, Fitbit will offer advice on how to improve your sleep score. Fitbit warns that using this feature can reduce battery life, and indeed it does. The process is handled in the Fitbit app and takes just a few seconds.

To make sure Alexa provides accurate weather forecasts and nearby results, make sure you grant the Fitbit app constant access to your location.

It feels very similar to using Siri on the Apple Watch. I asked for weather forecasts, set a timer, and even controlled my Alexa-connected Sonos speakers by talking to the Versa 2. The entire Alexa experience on the Versa 2 is well done and easy to use.The Fitbit Versa 3 takes everything we loved about its predecessor and adds a handful of useful new features that make it both a market-leading fitness tracker and a solid smartwatch.

Fitness trackers and smartwatches have come a long way in just a few short years, and Fitbit has been one of the true trailblazers. As big fans of the Versa 2we were keen to see how the third iteration stacked up against its predecessor, as well as the likes of the Apple Watch and more. Just how good is it at tracking your daily run, sleep and heart rate? Pretty damn good, actually. The real question is, how does it fare as a smartwatch?

Plus, as with most Fitbits, there are savings to be had if you know where to look. The Versa 3 is roughly the same size, shape and weight as its predecessor, but there are a few notable differences. Firstly, the physical button on the left side of the device has been replaced with a haptic pressure sensor, which is an interesting decision. The other big change is the watch bands. Like its predecessor, it tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep, steps and altitude and boasts a microphone with Alexa supportquick replies Android only, soz iPhone users and Fitbit Pay for supported banks.

It definitely falls more on the fitness tracker side of the smartwatch spectrum, so if you want more phone connectivity options, you may want to look elsewhere. For all other devices, you had to keep your GPS-enabled phone nearby if you wanted to track your route.

Unfortunately, I was a little let down by the GPS. Back to carrying my phone, I guess. The Fitbit Versa 3 also introduces a speaker, which in theory should allow you to receive Bluetooth calls from your android phone.

There are a few things that Fitbit does better than any of its competitors. Sleep tracking is one, and battery life is certainly another. When I bought my Versa 2 earlier this year, the thing that convinced me to go with it and not an Apple Watch was the battery life. Fitbit self-reported five days of battery life, and in reality, I found I could even stretch it to a week. Both have the same rounded-square-ish body, the same display, the same battery, and many of the same features. The Fitbit Versa 2 was one of our favourite gadgets fromand the Versa 3 only improves upon it.

Fitbit Versa 3 review Stylish and smart.The release of Fitbit's latest tracking device, Versa 2, truly feels like the end of an era for the company.

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I don't mean that in terms of the company is finished, but in a 'things will never be the same again' kind of way. Ten years after the release of Fitbit's first product in and on the eve of their acquisition by Google, Fitbit appears to have finally cracked the smartwatch formula with software that's smooth and responsive, paired with hardware that's sufficiently powered to do the job. The fluctuation of activity trackers sales figures across the sector in recent years has led many commentators to speculate on its future viability.

Still, as they've always done, Fitbit has aggressively attempted to secure their market-leading position by pumping out annual hardware iterations and a steady stream of software and firmware updates. Luckily for them, sales are again on the rise, particularly off the back of strong sales of Versa and Versa lite smartwatches, their third generation of smartwatch devices which have now been rendered obsolete by Versa 2.

At first glance, Versa 2 looks indistinguishable from its predecessor, retaining the same 'squircle' design in turn borrowed from the Apple Watch with the same smooth rounded lines, a x resolution screen at a claimed nits brightness, all nestled under a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 screen.

Once again, the OS is navigated via a combination of tactile and on-screen buttons, the former of which was reduced from three to one with Versa Lite. That's been mercifully retained here. I've long disliked the odd combination of tactile and touch buttons, so this change dramatically improves the user experience.

Versa 2's AMOLED display is a gorgeous upgrade that's perfectly visible under bright ambient light, although some may opt to lower it just a tad and bank some battery savings. On the arm, it feels just as comfortable as an Apple Watch, although it's a tad thicker.

The core functionality of the device is still focused fairly and squarely on fitness, with all the bells and whistles that you'd rightly expect, including an optical heart rate monitor, alerts, sleep tracking, swappable bands and a battery life that consistently hits four to five days without needing a top-up.

As mentioned, the OS is buttery-smooth and responsive, and it's a joy to scroll through the menus and endless reams of user data as well as the new Fitbit Today function. The usual Wi-Fi, NFC, and altimeter functions are all returned, joined by a new built-in-microphone which allows the unit to engage with Amazon Alexa but not as yet Google Home, although presumably, the new ownership will make that happen pretty soon.

I'm not in the Google ecosystem, so I couldn't test that out, but I'm intrigued at the possibilities this could unlock into the future. It's been two years since Fitbit has launched a tracker or smartwatch with onboard GPS, and Versa 2 doesn't buck that trend, so you'll need to carry your mobile device on your run if required. I can only assume that it's not coming back at this point. While not a deal-breaker for me, your mileage may vary no pun intended.

Rather than take its cues from Apple's do-everything mantra, fitness lies at the core of everything that Versa 2 does, with its library of apps serving to support its fitness functionality - not the other way around. I've made the point before, and I'll make it again: If you want a personal computer on your watch, this isn't the best choice for you, even if it might be the cheapest.

Naturally, as a smartwatch, there is a growing range of first and third-party apps available from the store, even if it's still significantly behind the competition.

Depending on your location, you can choose from a range of options, including Uber, Strava, Pandora, and Starbucks, as well as smart home controls such as Nest and Hue. As always, there's a growing range of downloadable watch faces, which run the gamut of classy replacements and pop culture characters, even if their licensing is somewhat dubious. Those upgrading from previous Fitbit trackers will be familiar with the Android and iOS apps, and short of a recent redesign, these remain mostly the same.

As with all models, these are well designed and faultless in operation. For everyday information, they're great a displaying the most pressing vital stats, but from sheer real estate, the web app gives access to a much broader suite of statistics and interactive graphs to demonstrate the progression of your fitness.

Thankfully, Versa 2's initial setup is far straighter forward than its predecessor. The requisite software update was pulled from Fitbit's server quickly and installed just as fast. You're probably thinking, "well, that's how this should be," but for the uninitiated, this is an issue that's plagued Fitbit for as long as I can remember.

Inside the pack, Fitbit has again bundled both small and large size wrist bands, which no doubt make life easier for retailers, but also for those who might want to share the watch with friends or family. I'm not sure if it's just my review unit or some quirk in the redesign, but I found manipulating the tiny pin on the particularly tricky to swap.It was my fourth day of reviewing the new Versa 2and I'd been having connectivity issues since the day after I received it.

The watch refused to sync with my phone after initially pairing with no issue. I wasn't surprised -- this has happened with pretty much every one of the many Fitbits I've reviewed in the past. But that makes it all the more frustrating.

I'm not the only reviewer with this issue either, and I haven't had major connectivity troubles with any other wearable I've tested. Samsung watches in particular connect quickly to my Android phones, as do most Wear OS devices. On paper, the Fitbit Versa 2 is a compelling upgrade over its predecessor.

It features a bigger, better display, useful Alexa integration and refined software. It still lasts days longer than Samsung and Wear OS watches and looks pretty, to boot. But it struggles too much with connectivity to be a reliable daily smartwatch. But as much as I want to keep complaining about the Versa 2's connectivity issues, this review isn't just about those problems. No, this is about whether the Versa 2 is worth your money and why you should or shouldn't buy it.

Maybe you're a first-time fitness watch buyer, or maybe you're considering an upgrade from an existing Fitbit. Either way, the Versa 2 is a compelling device, at least on paper. This year's Versa offers Alexa integration, making the watch a bit more helpful.

It also promises to last up to five days on a charge, and provides insights from Fitbit's vast database of information gleaned from its decade of tracking people's data. But the Versa 2's inconsistent connectivity ultimately keeps it from being truly reliable. The Versa 2's most intriguing feature is its Alexa integration, because it makes the previously limited Fitbit OS a bit more functional.

Hold down the Versa 2's button to summon Alexa, and you can tell it to find nearby gyms or for the weather report.

This generally worked during my testing, and I was surprised that Alexa was able to return a list of yoga studios around my hotel in Berlin.

You can use this to control your smart home devices, create reminders, set alarms or for calorie count of foods. Just don't expect it to be able to do everything the smart speaker can do -- calling another Alexa device, for example, isn't supported. As a warning, when your Fitbit loses its connection to your phone, as it did a few times during my trip, you won't be able to use Alexa. While Fitbit has an advantage over the competition thanks to years of experience in the fitness wearable space, it's also historically lagged its rivals on screen technology and software.

The deeper blacks translate to sharper contrast, especially for brightly colored words and graphics. I generally had no issue seeing the time and my notifications, even under direct sunlight.

Like the original Versa and the Versa Lite before it, this new watch has a comfortable, lightweight design that looks and feels classy. I'm a fan of the rose gold case, though I wish the strap were a little slimmer.